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Give Your Girls a Good Review

Ladies, how well do you know your breasts? When it comes to breast health, it’s important for women of all ages to know their normal. MHP Family Practice and Obstetrics Physician Angela Godejohn, MD, stresses the importance of self breast awareness exams. Only you will know when something changes, so make sure you’re familiar with the look and feel of them!

Read Article | published Sep 14, 2017

Teen Girls - Don’t Try Yourself Into Athlete Triad!

If you’re a teen girl or a parent of one, it’s important to understand female athlete triad. It’s a condition that teen girls can develop when they push themselves too hard physically to be the best or attain a certain body. In doing so, they can deprive their bodies of valuable nutrition; depleting resources to the point their body avoids other functions to conserve energy.

Read Article | published Sep 7, 2017

The Lowdown on Your Lungs

Does a quick sprint across the backyard leave your kiddo battling with wheezing, coughing, chest tightness or shortness of breath? Maybe that jog around the track was just a bit too much and now they’re unable to catch their breath? They may be fighting asthma.

Read Article | published Aug 31, 2017

A Quick Prick Will Do the Trick

Do needles send you running for the hills? No one probably enjoys getting a needle poke, but they’re for good reason! Did you know that because of vaccines, some diseases like smallpox have been completely removed from the world (except for in controlled lab settings) thanks to vaccines? Maybe that poke isn’t such a bad idea?

Read Article | published Aug 24, 2017

The ABC’s to Getting Some Z’s

When you compare bedtime at your house to wrangling monkeys at the zoo, do you think monkeys may be the easier option? You’re not alone; MHP Pediatrician Dr. John O’Brien understands how hard it can be to get those kiddos to calm down and snooze. However, it’s vital children get plenty of sleep, especially with how much they’re growing and learning each day!

Read Article | published Aug 17, 2017

On the Right Route to Routine

Does the idea of going to the gym make you groan in agony? We all know exercise is good for our bodies, but sometimes it can be hard to make it fit into our busy schedules! Between work, family and other obligations, a regular workout routine can seem nearly impossible to fit into your day.

Read Article | published Aug 10, 2017

Quit Blowing Smoke

We all know smoking and chewing tobacco have potentially severe health consequences, but vaping with e-cigarettes or going to hookah lounges are safer options, right?

Read Article | published Aug 3, 2017

Be Positive You're Negative!

Are you one of those people who hear STD and immediately thinks, there’s no way I need to worry about those, I take precautions to protect myself! MHP Family Nurse Practitioner Diane Nutter wants to make sure you’re true to your word by taking every precautionary measure and getting regular screenings!

Read Article | published Jul 27, 2017

Not so Swell

You’ve probably heard of a lymph node, but do you know what they do? Well, as part of a larger network called your lymphatic system, these nodes plays a big role in assisting your body in removing waste and preventing fluid buildup, a pretty important role wouldn’t you say?

Read Article | published Jul 20, 2017

Don’t get shell shocked!

Peanut allergies are the most common food allergy among children today. Recent research suggests the roasting process has changed the body’s ability to recognize the proteins in the food and process them without an immune response.

Read Article | published Jul 13, 2017

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