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Having a Baby at MHP was all about Family for the Bellingers

Bryon and Christy Bellinger are the proud parents of 11-year-old Terryk, and recently welcomed George Ivan, born July 5, 2016. They wouldn’t have dreamed of having him anywhere but their home community.

“MHP’s new Birthing Center is a top-notch facility but I got great care in the old area too,” Christy said. “What made my experience great were the people. I love being cared for by the same people I see at my son’s ball games or at community events. We feel comfortable and well taken care of and that’s what stands out to me.

“Introducing a baby into our family was a new dynamic; we’ve been a unit of three for a long time. It was important to us to make sure Terryk felt included,” Christy shared. “I made a special request to let him come into the delivery room right after George was born, before they took him away for testing and his bath. The nurses were very accommodating and made a special exception. That time for us to bond as a family of four was so precious to me.”

Christy has many fond memories of her care at MHP. “The facilities are really wonderful, I loved the whirlpool tubs and the bed in my room for Bryon, but it was more about the people. Our nurses were amazing! Amanda (Ridgeway) was my delivery nurse and she was so supportive the whole time!

“I took breast feeding and Lamaze classes with Jenna (Dimmit) and felt like I developed a rapport with her. She was so thorough and took my concerns very seriously. Having Jenna and Casey (Klodt) available to consult about nursing was great. George is a little bit tongue tied and they helped me out a lot with that, giving me advice when I asked and helping build my confidence.

MHP OB/GYN Jeffrey Fowler, DO, provided obstetrical care during Christy’s pregnancy and delivered George. “Dr. Fowler is such a pleasant person. I have a tendency to over think things and he was so patient, answering all of my questions,” Christy explained. “He was very thorough and would review every option with us, he explains things so well. 

“I appreciated that he took my concerns seriously and was willing to explain things to me. He is a very no-nonsense kind of person and I liked that. During my delivery, he was very calm, collected and encouraging. 

“We chose Dr. Fowler because I had some concerns due to complications I had while delivering my first son. Since Dr. Fowler is an OB/GYN, we knew he would be able to perform surgery if I ended up needing one.”

After George was born, Dr. Fowler continued to care for Christy but Family Practice Physician Eric Miller, DO, cared for George. “We had never met him before but Dr. Miller was on call with Dr. Fowler for the baby. We were really impressed with his knowledge and he’s so positive. One time he came in to ask me some questions about circumcision options, which I had no idea about; I asked him to come back and speak to Bryon.

“Dr. Miller actually came back on his lunch hour! He was so great about answering all of our questions and we look forward to him continuing to care for George.

“If someone is considering where to have a baby, I would remind that it’s not about a building, it’s about people. All of my nurses treated me with respect and were very attentive to my needs. My doctors were very patient and answered all of my questions. There is a sense of community at MHP and I like feeling a part of it.”

Jeffrey Fowler, DO

Jeffrey Fowler, DO, is an OB/GYN specialist with the MHP Medical Group. As an obstetrical specialist, Dr. Fowler can assist patients with a healthy pregnancy as well as infertility. In addition to obstetrics, Dr. Fowler is well-versed in gynecological ailments and treatments. He is an experienced surgeon both in traditional methods as well as robotic- assisted procedures for minimally invasive hysterectomy and operations on the female anatomy.

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Eric Miller, DO

Family Practice Physician Eric Miller, DO, practices full time in the MHP Medical Group. Growing up with a Pediatrician Mother and Farmer Father, Dr. Miller enjoys caring for families in a rural setting. He describes himself as more of a listener than a talker and enjoys hearing about a patient’s life experiences. In his free time, Dr. Miller enjoys the outdoors and building model trains.

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