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Hellwig Family Receives All-Star Care at Mahaska Health


Becky, a lifelong resident of Ottumwa, Had her first three children in Ottumwa, but when her delivering doctor stopped performing obstetrics care, both she and her husband, Jake, started the search for a new obstetrics provider to deliver their 4th child. Through their research and various recommendations, the Hellwig’s turned to Dr. (Jeffrey) Fowler, an MHP physician for the past 6 years, with 18 years of experience in his field. Soon after meeting with Dr. Fowler, Becky and Jake began their prenatal care at Mahaska Health Partnership.

Throughout Becky’s pregnancy, her entire experience with the entire MHP staff gave Becky the comfort to know that she was in the right hands. Everyone from the scheduling staff to Dr. Fowler providing care through the pregnancy to the birth, Becky and Jake were able to establish trust.  “I loved the fact that I always had my appointment with Dr. Fowler and he was the one there during the delivery process,” Becky explained. “Through our appointments with him, we were able to develop a strong relationship with Dr. Fowler and that gave us confidence when it came time to deliver.”

According to Dr. Fowler, Becky had some risk factors that required extra attention. “We had to exercise extra caution, but Becky was determined to do what she could to make her pregnancy progress run smoothly. I appreciate that kind of attitude in a patient. It was a pleasure working together to ensure her pregnancy and delivery were a success.”


In May of 2017, the Hellwigs found out that they had another son, Joshua, on the way. Because of her positive, previous treatment with the MHP Birthing team, Becky knew without a doubt that they would be returning to MHP for care. “After our family’s experience with Nicholas’ birth, we knew that MHP was the best place for us,” Becky explained.

During the birthing process, Becky had three nurses tending to her and focused on helping her in every way possible. The care provided by the team to Becky, and her family, made it feel as if there were “three nurturing mothers” taking care of her at once.  “These nurses worked together to anticipate my needs before I even knew what I needed. They took care of me exactly as I wanted without me needing to ask.”

Becky was amazed by the care the three nurses, Bobbi Coster, Caitlyn Watson and Anna McPeters provided her during the delivery. “With my first three children, I had always felt confined to my bed. This was not my experience with MHP,” Becky explained.

“At MHP I was encouraged to try different positions and different tools. I spent some time on an exercise ball, the nurses walked me up and down the halls, and finally we tried the hot tub. Within minutes of getting in the water, the labor process sped up and Joshua came into our lives,” continued Becky.



After Joshua was born, the family was exhausted. Because of the care provided at MHP during their two pregnancies, Becky’s husband Jake was comfortable enough to go home and care for their other children. Birthing Center Nurse Peggy Walker was going above and beyond to care for Becky and Joshua was also in the trusted hands of Dr. Godejohn, a fellowship trained Family Practice with Obstetrics Physician. She dedicates part of her practice to caring for babies like Joshua, but she also practices obstetrics. Her passion lies in treating people in all stages of their lives and of various illnesses and conditions.

Just a few days after being released from the Birthing Center, Joshua developed jaundice – a common aliment in newborns, that requires treatment if the bilirubin level is above a normal range. Typically, the infant requires being placed under a type of fluorescent light. When Dr. Godejohn learned about Joshua’s ailment, she immediately stepped into action to ensure Joshua’s jaundice was treated quickly and accurately.

As any new mom would be, Becky was nervous and worried about Joshua until Dr. Fowler took a moment to check in on her. “He just wanted to know if I was doing okay. The fact that he cared about my wellbeing as much as he cared about Joshua’s put me at ease,” Becky explained.  

Today the Hellwigs are healthy and happily continuing their busy lives in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Becky says she and her family enjoyed their overall experience at MHP. “We are absolutely thrilled with the care we received. I would recommend Mahaska Health Partnership and its Birthing Center to anybody.”


Mahaska Health Partnership has earned a Blue Distinction® Center+ designation for Maternity Care. Learn more.


Angela Godejohn, MD

Family Practice and Obstetrics Physician Angela Godejohn, MD, loves helping to safely bring new life into the world while supporting the healthcare needs of women during different stages of change. She has served with the Navy all over the world but chose to settle in the midwest because she appreciates small town living and the relationships she gets to have with her patients.

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Jeffrey Fowler, DO

Jeffrey Fowler, DO, is an OB/GYN specialist with the MHP Medical Group. As an obstetrical specialist, Dr. Fowler can assist patients with a healthy pregnancy as well as infertility. In addition to obstetrics, Dr. Fowler is well-versed in gynecological ailments and treatments. He is an experienced surgeon both in traditional methods as well as robotic- assisted procedures for minimally invasive hysterectomy and operations on the female anatomy.

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