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What is a Sleep Study


What is a sleep study?

We recommend a sleep study, or polysomnogram, when we need to identify different sleep stages and classify various sleep problems so we can help patients get a better night’s rest. To complete the study, we place electrodes (sticky patches with censors) in several places on the head, chest, limbs and a finger to monitor sleep indicators including brain activity, eye movement and breathing. While patients sleep, wires attached to the electrodes transmit data to a computer in the next room – don’t worry, the wires shouldn’t restrict movement too much or cause discomfort. The entire process is completely non-invasive and painless.

Our sleep study rooms at Mahaska Health Partnership are quiet and comfortable, much like a hotel room in fact. We expect that you may not sleep quite as well as you would at home, but every effort is made to help you rest as comfortably as possible.

Sleep studies help doctors understand the big picture of patients’ sleep patterns and help them develop a treatment plan to help you sleep and live better.