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Soups on Us! Series: Portion Distortion

March 15, 2018
Mahaska County YMCA - Conference Room
414 N 3rd St., Oskaloosa IA 52577 [Map]

MHP is sponsoring a free, four-part learning series which offers enlightening facts and motivational tips to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Classes will take place in the conference room at the Mahaska County YMCA from noon to 1PM. Each class is FREE and open to the public, no YMCA membership required! MHP will also provide free soup to participants.

At this “Portion Distortion” session, MHP dietitcian, Lea Rice will discuss how large portions lead to eating excess calories. She will also offer simple tips such as eating off smaller plates, using appropriate size glasses and measuring food for portion control. She’ll compare portion sizes from 20 years ago to portion sizes today. Attendees will learn how the portion sizes have grown over the years, leading to an increase in obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Reservations for this event are required. Please RSVP to Lea Rice at (641)672-3303

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