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Smells like Teen Foot Fungus!

If you’re a teen or their parent, it might seem their feet never stop moving. With all that running, a teen’s feet spend most of their time in stinky, sweaty shoes.

MHP Podiatrist Dr. Mark Beers knows a few things about feet and what ails them. When it comes to teens, there are a few common conditions that he often sees:

  • Plantar Warts: These are caused by a virus that gets in through a cut. They are hard, rough growths that are commonly found on the feet. While they’re harmless, they can be tender and require treatment for removal, including salicylic acid, freezing, burning or excision.
  • Athlete’s Foot: Notice lots of peeling and itching between your toes? Not so fun or comfortable right? Well, this condition is caused by yet another virus and can be tough to shake thanks to sweaty feet in dark shoes!
  • Ingrown Toenails: While you may be tired of buying new shoes every six months for your teen’s feet, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re wearing properly fitting footwear! Tight shoes can cause ingrown toenails, an uncomfortable condition that causes the nail to grow into the skin of the toe. And ladies, those sandals may be cute, but not worth the risk of these pesky problems, which can also lead to infection and in severe cases, surgery to remove them!
  • Toenail fungus: Not exactly a favorite topic to discuss around the dinner table, but it is important! Watch out for thick, brittle, misshaped and dull nails. A slight odor may also appear with this stubborn fungus.

While all of these are fairly harmless, they can cause discomfort and in some cases, require surgery. Plus, who wants to deal with foot problems, right? Thankfully, a few steps can keep your teen’s toes twinkling:

  • Wear rubber shoes in public places like pools, locker rooms and dorm showers
  • Wear shoes with the proper fit
  • Let sweaty shoes air out for at least 24 hours
  • If you’re going to be doing any activity, make sure to wear absorbent, wicking socks to help keep your feet dry
  • If you get pedicures, make sure the tools and foot bath system are properly cleaned ahead of time
  • Dry your feet and in between your toes thoroughly after a shower or bath and use antibacterial soap
  • Trim your toenails straight across

You may not be a big fan of feet, but keeping them healthy is vital if you want to keep running around as a teen and adult. Kick those kicks to the curb if they’re doing more harm than good and don’t forget to pamper your paws after a long, hard day of work!

Published Mar 23, 2017

Mark Beers, DPM

Podiatrist Mark Beers, DPM, practices full time in the MHP Medical Group. He has been caring for feet in the Oskaloosa area for more than 25 years (said 20 in 2011, okay to say?). Dr. Beers partners closely with the Certified Diabetes Education and Wound Ostomy Care professionals, providing an all-encompassing approach to foot health. In his spare time, Dr. Beers enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, hunting and trap shooting.

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