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Provider Focus: Dr. Stanley Horner

DrHornerMelissaLamb2March017As a physician specializing in allergies and immunology, Dr. Horner has a long history of treating patients for allergies, asthma and other diseases of the immune system. “There are surprising links between symptoms that people don’t often connect. I believe my years of treating patients as well as my own history helps me solve mysteries for patients and get them on the road to recovery.”

Most people have a general idea of what an Allergist treats but what is an Immunologist?

Allergies are a reaction by the immune system to something ingested by your body. Because your body is allergic to the particle ingested, it produces antibodies to attack the substance it doesn’t like. This is an immune response to help protect your body.

Immune responses come in all varieties due to many causes. These can include rashes, swelling, difficulty breathing, itchy or watery eyes or runny nose. There are times when your reactions to an allergen might be quite severe or could be somewhat mild.

Allergists and Immunologists can get to the root cause of your symptoms to determine the best course of treatment to alleviate your symptoms. In cases of extreme reaction or uncommon symptoms, an Immunologists’ expertise is helpful in finding the connection between your symptoms and your actual problem because they are not always what they seem.

“Just because a patient presents with allergy or asthma symptoms, we don’t make a diagnosis based on that assumption,” Dr. Horner explained. “I assume they have a problem causing their symptoms. Instead of masking those symptoms, I want to help my patients determine the root cause of their problem so they can feel better.”

Through his journey to becoming a physician, Dr. Horner had many life experiences that he believes aid him in finding solutions for patients. “I have worked with a medical unit in the Army, at a biomedical lab at Yale University where I saw many diseases and vaccines in their developmental stages and I did my residency at Children’s Mercy of Kansas City, one of the leading children’s hospitals in the United States.

“All of my past experiences along with the extensive research I continue to explore give me the tools I need to help more people. I’m like a sponge; I love to read about medical breakthroughs and problem solve. When I can channel those interests to make a difference in the lives of my patients that is a good day!” Dr. Horner smiled.

If you suffer from seasonal, environmental or food allergies; of if you have lived with a skin condition that has gone undiagnosed, consider an appointment. Dr. Horner practices fulltime on the MHP campus in Oskaloosa along with Melissa Lamb, ARNP. They treat patients of all ages and are available by appointment Monday through Friday from 8:00 am -4:30 pm. For an appointment with Dr. Horner or Melissa, call 641.672.3360.