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Mental Health Professional and MHP Client rates Behavioral Health Services as best in region

As a psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner at a nonprofit human service corporation, Lorene Smith loves her job. She often works with clients who have severe chronic mental illness, helping them to avoid an inpatient hospital stay.

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Stutting Family Amazed at Personalized Care Surrounding Their Daughter’s Birth

When it came to having another child, Kim and Josh Stutting of Oskaloosa were apprehensive due to complications with their two previous pregnancies.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation at MHP improves Cynthia Van Zetten's life

When Cynthia Van Zetten’s pulmonologist (lung specialist) in Des Moines first referred her to Mahaska Health Partnership’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services, the Oskaloosa resident said she was reluctant to go.

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New Sharon Ties Brings Family to Dr. Everett’s Care

Mothers want support and understanding when it comes to caring for their children and that’s exactly what Angel Davis of New Sharon has found in Family Practice and Obstetrics Physician Case Everett, MD.

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Total Joint Replacement and Extended Stay Makes Steven C. Cardis Feel Right at Home

When his primary care physician referred Steven C. Cardis to Orthopaedic Surgeon Sreedhar Somisetty, MD, for total knee replacement surgery, he had no experience with Mahaska Health Partnership. The Montezuma resident sure is glad he listened to his doctor!

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