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Coon Triplets Appreciate Pediatrician Dr. John O'Brien

Jennifer Coon is a busy mother of five, including triplets, Nick, Lauren and Tommy. “We moved to Oskaloosa in 2007 when the triplets were six years old,” Jennifer shared. “Our kids rarely got sick, so I didn’t worry about finding a specialist right away.”

That all changed in 2010. “Nick began havin­g headaches and spells that were very concerning to me,” Jennifer said. “I brought him to multiple doctors before a nurse at MHP recommended I make an appointment with (Pediatrician) Dr. O’Brien.”

After spending two hours with Nick discussing the symptoms of his severe headaches, Dr. O’Brien ordered an MRI. “I remember the phone call from Dr. O’Brien himself regarding Nick’s scan,” Jennifer recalled. “He told me there was a benign tumor on Nick’s brain. Dr. O’Brien made sure to explain everything thoroughly, but with such compassion.”

Dr. O’Brien immediately referred Nick to a pediatric neurosurgeon in Iowa City. “When we met with the specialist, he told us we only had two weeks to get the tumor out or we could lose our son,” Jennifer said. “Had Dr. O’Brien not taken the time to figure out what was going on with Nick, we may not have found it in time.”

Nick was quickly scheduled for surgery and the tumor was successfully removed. He was symptom-free for about a year before developing Intractable Epilepsy.

“Dr. O’Brien has been an absolute blessing with all of Nick’s health conditions,” Jennifer said. “He goes above and beyond, reaching out to specialists and other experts in the field to get the best possible treatment options for us.”

In addition to Nick, Dr. O’Brien also cares for his siblings, Lauren and Tommy. “I can’t say enough how thorough Dr. O’Brien has been with my children. He makes me feel valued, and genuinely listens to my worries without dismissing me as an overprotective mom. He is very attentive and professional, while caring as if he was the parent concerned for their child.”

Tommy, Lauren and Nick continue to visit with Dr. O’Brien regularly. “Dr. O’Brien is really nice and cares about each one of us,” Lauren shared.

“He’s very caring and always follows up,” added Tommy. “We can go home and he will call to make sure we are okay.”

“He’s not scary, and it’s very easy to talk to Dr. O’Brien,” Nick mentioned. “He always goes the extra mile for us and makes sure we are well taken care of. You can tell he really does care for us.”

Jennifer is extremely thankful for the recommendation a nurse gave her to visit Dr. O’Brien. “I was afraid we would not be able to get in and see him due to his popularity, but we were able to see him very quickly. He has been an absolute blessing to our family. I truly believe Nick would not be here today had we not gotten that appointment. We are blessed to have him care for our children.”

John O'Brien, MD

Pediatrician Dr. John O’Brien specializes in the care of children from birth to 21 years of age. Dr. O’Brien believes children are capable of doing wonderful things. He has enjoyed helping them achieve their potential in good physical and emotional health for more than 28 years. Dr. O’Brien has made great strides treating children with ADHD and prides himself on educating parents.

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