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Johnstons Continue Family Tradition at MHP

“Children are a gift who can complement your life and come along for the ride,” a parenting philosophy that Katie and Jesse Johnston live by. 

Welcoming their fifth child and first girl, Elin Michelle, on December 11, 2015, Katie said she completes their ‘big’ family. “I am one of three kids and Jesse is one of four so I guess we decided on a big family!”

Elin, along with her brothers, Grant (2) and twins Owen and Silas (6), were delivered by Family Practice Physician Shawn Richmond, MD. “Dr. Kunz delivered our first son, Hayden (7), but had retired by the time I was pregnant the second time. I chose Dr. Richmond and I am grateful I did!

“Dr. Richmond is so caring,” Katie expressed. “Our twins ended up coming a little early so they had to be transferred out for intensive care. I so appreciated the way Dr. Richmond let us participate and ultimately make the decision of where to send them. He took our situation very seriously. Although seeing all that equipment and medics might be routine to him, he was very sensitive to our feelings. Even our families commented how caring he is.”

Katie’s family has come full circle at MHP and she said she is thankful for the familiar faces. “My mom delivered me and my two sisters with Dr. Kunz here. I distinctly remember walking down the hallway with my first grade class to see my baby sister through the Birthing Center window!”

Elin’s birth was Katie’s first experience in MHP’s new Birthing Center, opened in 2013. “The amenities and décor are nice but the faces and care are the same,” Katie stressed. “We can always count on the personalized care and it’s nice to know everyone from seeing them out and about in the community.

The first girl of the Johnston family has a lot of young men on hand to adore her! “Hayden was jumping up and down when we told him she was finally here,” Katie shared.
“We had never heard, ‘It’s a girl’ before during an ultrasound,” Katie quipped. “Jesse asked Barb (Sandegren, an ultrasonographer at MHP) to check twice! We just love her; she has done 10 ultrasounds for us and has always made us feel like family!”

Katie and Jesse said they keep coming back to MHP because it’s part of their community and they appreciate the personalized care. “We have had to go to larger hospitals and we always notice it’s different than MHP. Here you’re seeing your doctor who knows your family. We can have a personal conversation with Dr. Richmond and know we are both invested, we matter to him.”

Shawn Richmond, MD

Shawn Richmond, MD, is a Family Practice and Obstetrical Physician with the MHP Medical Group. He is well known for the care and concern he shows patients during their pregnancy and as a family grows. He treats patients of all ages, truly embodying what is means to be a physician in family practice.

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