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Kelsey Nevins of Drakesville Valued Birth Experience at MHP

Kelsey Nevins of Drakesville delivered her first child, Ethan, now age 2, at a hospital in the area. When she and her husband, Matt, found out they were expecting a second child, she started with a different doctor until she was approximately 12 weeks pregnant.

After being told by that doctor that he wouldn’t be able to deliver this child, Kelsey said she and Matt decided they wanted a different birthing experience. “I had never been to Mahaska Health Partnership before, but I decided to go there after researching my options. I wanted to see the same doctor throughout my pregnancy and delivery and I had heard great things about the doctors and nurses from friends and family,” Kelsey explained. 

Kelsey is a registered nurse currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She says nursing is her calling, and many of her friends in the nursing program at Indian Hills Community College had performed their clinical education at MHP. “Everyone says this is a good hospital to do your clinicals,” Kelsey stressed. “I’d heard such great things about the nursing staff that I wanted to deliver here.”

Kelsey chose Family Practice Physician Bridget Shariat for her care. Dr. Shariat was fairly new to the area, having joined the MHP Medical Staff in August of 2013. “I really wanted a female doctor, and I liked that Dr. Shariat is able to follow up on care for both of my children,” Kelsey explained. “From the very beginning of this pregnancy, I knew I chose wisely. She is an awesome doctor and I was comfortable with her from the beginning.”

Myra Jade was born on Jan. 19, 2015. She was an absolutely beautiful baby, weighing in at 7 lbs, 11 ½ oz; everything was going great. Then, approximately 20 minutes after Myra’s birth, Kelsey started to hemorrhage.

“I could tell there was something wrong,” Kelsey explained. “Dr. Shariat had just left the room a few minutes before but was still close by. The nurses immediately laid me back and (General Surgeon) Dr. (Tim) Breon came in. He was so quick and very professional. He really made my husband feel at ease in a very tense situation.”

Kelsey said Drs. Shariat and Breon, along with the obstetrical nurses, worked as a team in an emergent situation to take care of her. The nurses were “awesome” and attended to her every need. Luckily, no surgery was needed but both doctors watched Kelsey to assure matters didn’t take a turn for the worse.

“I loved how both Dr. Shariat and Dr. Breon followed up with me afterward,” Kelsey said. “I definitely felt both my baby and I were given outstanding care and I can’t thank the doctors and nurses enough for that.”

Once she was able, Kelsey said she really enjoyed the amenities offered at MHP, especially the whirlpool tub.  “It was great, and they provided Bath and Body Works products, which I really enjoyed,” she said.

Kelsey also mentioned how grateful she was to be given a special sleep sack for Myra. The MHP Hospital Auxiliary purchases the swaddle sleep sacks with money earned through the hospital gift shop, and donates one to each baby born at MHP.

“Even the housekeeping staff was really good. They were always friendly, and I appreciated how often they cleaned the room, even the whirlpool tub which I utilized as often as possible,” Kelsey said with a chuckle. 

“I truly felt like I received the best care possible and I’m so thankful I had the doctors and nurses I did.”

Timothy Breon, MD, FACS

General Surgeon Tim Breon, MD, FACS, is an experienced, Board Certified Surgeon specializing in traditional, laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgical treatments. Dr. Breon commonly performs operations on the colon as well as the gallbladder, female anatomy and appendix. Dr. Breon grew up on a farm near Hedrick, Iowa. He chose to practice at MHP to ensure advanced surgical care, focused on the whole body, is available to all patients in need of routine or emergent intervention.

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