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Lehigh's Receive Exceptional Care Before, During and After Surgery

Eric and Dee Dee Lehigh of Oskaloosa has always entrusted Mahaska Health Partnership with their daughter, Miranda’s, care. From her birth six years ago with Ed Hirl, MD, to allergy treatments with Melissa Lamb, ARNP-BC, they wouldn’t take her anywhere else.

During a routine check-up with Melissa in March for her mold allergies, a pattern was identified. “Miranda hadn’t been seen for a while and was due for a prescription renewal, so Melissa reviewed her file prior to our appointment. She noticed that Miranda had been seen for five different cases of strep and four tonsil issues in the last two years.

“She got us set up with Miranda’s allergy medication but wanted to follow up in a few months to make sure she wasn’t still having issues. A month later, she developed a rash and revisited Melissa who moved her appointment up since Miranda’s tonsils were still enlarged. 

“In July, Miranda got very sick again so we went to the Walk-In, where they said she had tonsillitis.  They prescribed her medication and we contacted Melissa to see what our next steps should be. Melissa told us to get a consult immediately with one of the surgeons. We then scheduled Miranda an appointment for two weeks later with Dr. (Tim) Breon.”

Unfortunately, Miranda’s condition worsened before her appointment. “It got to the point where we were scared her throat would completely swell shut and she wouldn’t be able to breathe, so we went to see an ENT specialist. She gave Miranda some steroids but didn’t do much else for her.”

Once the appointment with Dr. Breon rolled around, Eric and Dee Dee immediately knew Miranda was in good hands. “He was very thorough in reviewing her case. I even showed him pictures of what her throat had looked like when things got really bad. Once he reviewed everything, Dr. Breon asked if we wanted to have Miranda’s tonsils removed and discussed the possible outcomes and issues.  We then decided it would be best to have the surgery in hopes for a healthier life for Miranda and scheduled the surgery.”

Miranda’s procedure was scheduled for August 12. “When we arrived, Miranda was pretty nervous, especially about the IV, but the surgical staff explained exactly what they were doing in language she could understand. They put ‘special’ cream on her hand first, helping ease her fears and Miranda actually watched them put the needle in! She brought her special doll with her for the procedure and the nurses helped dress her up with gloves and everything to help keep her occupied before the surgery.  Her favorite part however was the special stuffed horse the surgical staff had waiting for her when she arrived that morning.”

As with any surgery, a little pain was to be expected, but Eric and Dee Dee were amazed at how little their daughter felt. “Honestly, she had no pain for a couple of days! Even then she rarely required the pain medication and she healed pretty quickly. Miranda told me the worst part for her was wanting to have popcorn and chips afterwards, but knowing she couldn’t until two weeks after the surgery.”

When it came time for a check-up with Dr. Breon, Dee Dee was anxious to hear what he had to say. “He told me she would be much healthier now that we took her tonsils out, but I was a bit skeptical.  Now I know I should’ve believed him! 

“Before, Miranda used to run a normal temperature of 99 degrees, but since her surgery it’s been steady at 98.5 degrees! She has always snored like a freight train since birth, but this procedure eliminated that too. She hasn’t been missing school like she used to and she definitely seems much healthier now than she ever was.

“I can’t say enough good things about our experience here. Every person we saw made sure we were well taken care of. Whether it was Melissa (Lamb) making sure we got the help we needed, the surgical staff reassuring Miranda, Eric and I before the procedure, or Dr. Breon doing excellent work during her surgery, we received the best care possible. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but MHP.”

Timothy Breon, MD, FACS

General Surgeon Tim Breon, MD, FACS, is an experienced, Board Certified Surgeon specializing in traditional, laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgical treatments. Dr. Breon commonly performs operations on the colon as well as the gallbladder, female anatomy and appendix. Dr. Breon grew up on a farm near Hedrick, Iowa. He chose to practice at MHP to ensure advanced surgical care, focused on the whole body, is available to all patients in need of routine or emergent intervention.

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