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Lifelong Patient Bernice DeYoung Receives Outstanding Care at MHP

Bernice DeYoung of New Sharon, IA, has been entrusting her medical care to Mahaska Health Partnership for many years. “I actually used to work at MHP years ago at South Central Mental Health Center (now Behavioral Health Services). I’ve been coming here for care since before I was married. Even after I married and moved to New Sharon, my husband urged me to continue going where I was established and comfortable.”

Through the years, Bernice has seen different primary care providers, but has been with Dr. Ed Hirl most recently. When she injured her foot, she immediately scheduled an appointment. “I dropped my metal cane on my foot while at a friend’s house. It began swelling and turned red, so I saw Dr. Hirl. He started me on antibiotics because it appeared an infection had developed. We kept a close eye on it but it just wasn’t healing.”

After about a week, Bernice returned to Dr. Hirl for an emergency appointment. “He got me right in because my foot wasn’t getting any better. Once there, he decided it was best for me to get admitted for treatment for a possible infection and I ended up getting admitted that same day.”

Bernice was placed in the hospital in order to treat her severe infection. “The doctors were concerned about the level of infection in my foot, and were afraid to perform surgery since the infection could spread. I’ve had MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infection in the past, so there was concern about me having that again.”

MHP Podiatrist Dr. Mark Beers met with Bernice to keep a close eye on her foot and assess the need for surgery. “The doctors decided the infection wasn’t going to spread, and Dr. Beers needed to go in for surgery to find the cause of the situation. I ended up breaking the main artery in the top of my foot when I dropped the cane and the blood had built up, causing the pain, redness and swelling.”

Dr. Beers performed the surgery to repair Bernice’s foot, and she felt immediate relief with the results. “Dr. Beers did an excellent job with his surgery and care afterwards. I got to go home the following day and my foot has healed up nicely.”

During her eight day stay at MHP, Bernice came in contact with a number of staff members, who all left a lasting impression on her. “I enjoyed every person that took care of me; there wasn’t a ‘lemon’ in the bunch! The nursing students were knowledgeable and eager to observe and learn from my situation. The food was great too!”

Bernice saw a couple of different Hospitalists during her stay. Dr. Ben Oldson made a special impact on her. “Dr. Oldson took his time with me and made sure I understood everything I needed to know about my medical care. He made sure I participated in all medical decisions and was comfortable with my instructions. He kept me very well-informed through the entire process, as did my other two hospitalists.

 “I was blown away by how everyone went out of their way to keep me informed and comfortable. The time I spent at MHP was absolutely a pleasant experience. I would recommend MHP to everyone!”

Edward Hirl, MD

For Dr. Edward Hirl, one of the most rewarding aspects of his careers is helping patients grow their families. Dr. Hirl enjoys doing well child exams, minor office surgery and acute diagnoses treatment.

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Mark Beers, DPM

Podiatrist Mark Beers, DPM, practices full time in the MHP Medical Group. He has been caring for feet in the Oskaloosa area for more than 25 years. Dr. Beers partners closely with the Certified Diabetes Education and Wound Ostomy Care professionals, providing an all-encompassing approach to foot health. In his spare time, Dr. Beers enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, hunting and trap shooting.

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