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First Baby of 2016

Adam Patrick Peterson was born at 3:16 pm on Jan. 3, 2016, making him Mahaska Health Partnership’s 2016 New Year’s Baby.

Adam weighed 8 lbs., 2 oz., and was 20 inches long. His parents are Kent and Abby Peterson of Oskaloosa and he has two big brothers, Grant, 4, and Noah, 2. Adam’s grandparents are Craig and Barb Peterson of Dayton, Ia., and Roy and Lori Chamra of Rose Hill, Ia.

While neither parent knew the sex of the baby before he was born, both are thrilled with their third son. “There are very few surprises in life, so we didn’t find out the sex of any of our children before they were born,” Kent said.

“We just wanted happy and healthy. But there is something about three boys playing in the back yard together that just warms our hearts," Abby added.

Family Practice Physician Shawn Richmond delivered each of the Peterson’s children. While Grant was born in the old Birthing Center, Noah and now Adam were born in the new patient care wing.

”When we had Noah, the new Birthing Center had only been open a couple of months,” Abby said. “While the facilities are very nice, it is the nurses and Shawn (Dr. Richmond) that made it special. He really cares about his patients and he takes the time to get to know you. He knows our sons’ names and remembers things about them, which puts them at ease when they go to the doctor.”

“But I did use the whirlpool tub last night when I couldn’t get to sleep, so that does count for something,” Abby added with a chuckle.

Kent, who works at TruBank in Oskaloosa, is able to take some time off work as the family adjusts to their newest arrival. Abby, a teacher at Oskaloosa Middle School, said she plans to go back to work in March for the last couple months of school before summer.

“It’s definitely an exciting time for our family, and I’m so grateful our parents are able to be around and help us out.” Kent said. “I like saying ‘my three sons’ and we are both so excited for what the future will bring our family.”

As MHP’s first baby of 2016, Adam received a wide variety of gifts from MHP and Whispering Tree Gifts, the Hospital Auxiliary’s gift shop located just inside Entrance #4 on the MHP campus.

Shawn Richmond, MD

Shawn Richmond, MD, is a Family Practice and Obstetrical Physician with the MHP Medical Group. He is well known for the care and concern he shows patients during their pregnancy and as a family grows. He treats patients of all ages, truly embodying what is means to be a physician in family practice.

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