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New Sharon Ties Brings Family to Dr. Everett’s Care

Mothers want support and understanding when it comes to caring for their children and that’s exactly what Angel Davis of New Sharon has found in Family Practice and Obstetrics Physician Case Everett, MD.

“With my first son, I often felt like doctors weren’t listening to me,” Angel shared. “But when I talk to Dr. Everett, he sits there and talks with me. He tries to explain every situation so I have a better understanding of what could happen.”

Angel stays at home with her two boys, three-year-old Jensen and four-month-old Denver, and her husband, Dusty, works as a welder at Montezuma Manufacturing. “Dr. Everett is the first doctor Jensen has taken to. He feels very comfortable with him and Dr. Everett is always making Denver laugh.”

Angel makes primary care appointments for her boys at New Sharon Medical Center when Dr. Everett visits on Wednesday afternoons. “It’s very convenient because we live around the corner, but I would go to Oskaloosa to see him too.”

Denver Davis was delivered at 39 weeks by OB/GYN Specialist Jeffrey Fowler, DO, at the MHP Birthing Center just 20 hours after Angel began having contractions. “The MHP Birthing Center was wonderful. The nurses gave me so much support and were always by my side whenever I needed them. They were always making sure we were well cared for, it was a much better experience than I had at another hospital with Jensen.”

After Denver was born, staff discussed primary care provider options with Angel since Dr. Fowler only specializes in the care of women. “I chose Dr. Everett because my husband went to high school with him and his family felt we would be better off in his care.

“He is a very good doctor,” Angel said. “He always does a thorough exam to find the right diagnosis then explains the best options for treating me or the boys. He always gives us printed instruction to make sure we understand the treatment.

“I still see Dr. Fowler when I need something and both boys see Dr. Everett. Dr. Fowler and Dr. Everett are our favorite doctors!”

Jeffrey Fowler, DO

Jeffrey Fowler, DO, is an OB/GYN specialist with the MHP Medical Group. As an obstetrical specialist, Dr. Fowler can assist patients with a healthy pregnancy as well as infertility. In addition to obstetrics, Dr. Fowler is well-versed in gynecological ailments and treatments. He is an experienced surgeon both in traditional methods as well as robotic- assisted procedures for minimally invasive hysterectomy and operations on the female anatomy.

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