Therapeutic Groups

A number of groups are offered to help assist current patients in your substance misues and mental health recovery process. For more information about any of these groups, please call Behavioral Health Services at 641.672.3159.

Mental Health/Substance Misuse Treatment – provides an opportunity for clients struggling with mental health/substance abuse to have support from peers struggling with the same conditions. Topics such as coping skills, relapse prevention, identifying triggers, dealing with emotions, relationships and anger are discussed.

Women’s Group – provides a comfortable environment to share openly about the issues of substance abuse/mental health and receive feedback from trained staff as well as peers. Topics such as grief, parenting, traits of adult children of alcoholics, dealing with emotions, relapse prevention and relationships are discussed.

Teen’s Group – focuses on making better decisions, improving communication with peers and parents, relationship improvement and coping with substance abuse and/or mental health conditions. Allows teens to find support with fellow peers who are struggling with similar issues. Other topics discussed are anger, dealing with using parents/friends, goal setting and handling stress.